3 Reasons You Should Build Your Next Home

Building a New Home? It’s not only the perfect investment for your future, but also for your family. New construction offers many benefits that can make life easier and more enjoyable for you and your loved ones. New homes are designed to maximize space, energy efficiency, comfort levels – all while staying on budget! And while its a common misconception that building a home is more expensive than buying a used home this is not always the case, and custom homes offer many benefits that previously built homes don’t, here are our 3 top reasons why you should consider building over buying your next home in Central Oregon.

Custom Home in Sisters Oregon
  1. Build it the way you want

New homes offer the opportunity to build exactly what you want and make it your own. When buying a used home, you will most likely be stuck with someone else’s design – which means compromise is inevitable. New construction offers limitless options for customization and upgrades that can’t be found in pre-owned homes! You are free to choose any floor plan, with any number of bedrooms and bathrooms you desire.

2. Save Costs in The Long Run

New homes come equipped with the latest in-home technology which can make life easier for everyone at every age level! Space + Energy Efficiency = Big Savings. New homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, which can lower your monthly utility bills. New appliances and heating systems will save you money on the long run! New construction is a one-time expense that can help to cut costs down over time – especially when it comes to upkeep. You won’t be dealing with aging roofs, old furnaces, or deteriorating exteriors for many years when you go with a custom build.

3. There’s no competition among other home buyers.

If you have ventured into the Central Oregon real estate market recently you know that it is highly competitive to secure real estate in this environment. However, when you secure bare land and then build your dream home with no potential to be outbid before you move in.

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